Must-have travel essentials for the savvy jet setter

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The world grows smaller everyday with more and more flight routes opening up, and the internet making it possible for us to plan our own travels, curate our own experiences when we leave home to explore the globe, and rely less and less on tour operators compared to the days yonder.

We know that travel is becoming a regular part of everyday life when people can make money just by sharing their travel experiences full time. Just like daily life, these influencers get eyeballs - and the money that comes with it - by hacking their journeys to get the best bang for their buck. So what separates the know-its and the know-nots?

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Travel insurance

When you become an avid traveller, you’ll quickly come to realise how a bad experience can quickly diminish the memories of your entire trip. Travel insurance prepares you for most of the things that could go wrong. A broken suitcase, a vehicular accident, theft, an illness… we’re all susceptible to daily unfortunate scenarios, except when you’re travelling, it’s compounded by the fact that you’re in unfamiliar territory and without a support system.

Travel insurance provides comfort in this. You know that you’re covered financially, and in the event of something dramatic and unexpected that gets the wind knocked out of you, knowing that you have the options of medical facilities or an insurance agent checking in on you provides emotional support that you cannot put a price on.

You can purchase travel insurance based on the trip or annually.

Yamanashi, Japan - March 24, 2019: View of Mount Fuji, commonly called Fuji-san in Japanese, Mount Fuji's exceptionally symmetrical cone, from a train station in Yamanashi, Japan.

Apps/ Travel platforms

The most savvy travellers know where to go to find the best deals. The difference between one trip a year or two trips, is sometimes in the amount that you save from the first trip, that makes the second trip possible.

Get the best deals here on Klook - you can purchase JR Whole Japan rail passes to get to your favourite cities in Japan. You may choose from 7 days, 14 days or 21 days, and a choice between an ordinary car or a green car.

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It’s inevitable when it comes to experiencing delays, layovers and long wait times while travelling, which is why the savviest of travellers always have their gadgets loaded up with content or things to do while they wait. Books in your ebook reader, music in your phone, movies on your laptop, and a pair of sound cancelling earphones to get some uninterrupted entertainment time or clock in some good ol’ sleep!

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2. (PHOTO: Lenovo Singapore)

The new ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 is a lightweight yet powerful machine, that aims to please normal users to gamers with its 4K OLED touchscreen display and a carbon-fiber weave top cover.

JBL Reflect Aware with Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Noise Control. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

JBL Noise cancelling earphones

Sweatproof, and available in colours like blue, black, red and teal, these earphones don’t require batteries as they draw power and digital audio from the lightning connector on Apple devices.

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Mini TWS Earphone Touch Control Wireless. (PHOTO: Lazada Singapore)

Xiaomi Noise calling earphones

With a full charge that gives you up to 12 hours max energy, take these portable wireless earphones with you, everywhere you go. Both earphones come with touch control, so you’ll be able to control volume and on/off mechanism easily.

Tumi V4 International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On. (PHOTO: Tumi)

Travel gear

A good bag or suitcase is the biggest travel essential when you’re carrying yourself and your possessions away from home. You don’t want a bag that’s too big, too small, too heavy, too cumbersome, and you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing low quality ones that break after every other trip overseas.

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