Tom has no qualms competing in her fifth month of pregnancy

3 Oct - Being five months pregnant is not a big deal for Tom to compete in the upcoming third season of the singing competition, "Famili Duo".

The singer, who will be pairing up with husband Fuad Rahman in the competition, stated that this will not be her first rodeo, as she had previously performed while being in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

Said Tom, or real name Raja Farah Afzal Raja Ikram, "At the time I was a single mother, and I had to sing 25 to 30 songs in a night club. Not only that, I also had to wear high heels. I remember that my manager asked me to stop but I refused."

"I gave birth to my child two days after that," she said.

Tom stated that her past experience will be used by her to the fullest capacity, as she expressed her belief that she has the same strength as she had at the time.

Tom tied the knot with Singaporean singer Fuad Rahman in February this year after meeting through another singing competition, "Gegar Vaganza". Prior to Fuad, the singer was married twice, while Fuad had also been married once before.

Tom and husband Fuad Rahman to compete in 'Famili Duo'
Tom and husband Fuad Rahman to compete in 'Famili Duo'

(Photo Source: Tom IG)