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The Apple Watch Ultra falls to a new low of $700

It's an easy choice if you want a fitness-friendly smartwatch.

Photo by Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Now's a good moment to get a smartwatch that can easily handle your end-of-summer hikes. Amazon is selling the Apple Watch Ultra with a green Alpine Loop at a new all-time low price of $700, or $100 off, after a checkout voucher. That's the same price as a 45mm Series 8 in steel, making it the obvious choice if you want more rugged Apple wristwear.

Apple's most powerful smartwatch has dipped to its best price yet.

$700 at Amazon

The Apple Watch Ultra remains the company's most powerful smartwatch, and it's the clear pick if you're an outdoor adventurer. The large, extra-bright screen makes it easy to read even in direct sunlight, and the added water resistance is helpful for recreational dives. The action button also comes in handy for marking hike waypoints or starting the next leg of a run. And it's hard to ignore the extra battery life — this watch can last an entire weekend without a charge, depending on how you use it.

You'll need an iPhone to even consider the Apple Watch Ultra, of course. Its size may also be off-putting if you have thin wrists or simply prefer sleeker timepieces. There's also the question of timing — Apple might introduce a refreshed Ultra at an event that could be just weeks away. If you're more interested in value than having the absolute latest model, though, this discount is hard to top.

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