Terence Yin and Raquel Xu are now engaged

20 Feb - Terence Yin and Raquel Xu (Xu Dongdong) are now engaged to be married.

The news was first shared by Raquel on 18 February, when she shared a couple of photos of her and Terence, as well as one photo of her showing off her engagement rock.

She wrote, "Thanks to my friends for their concern. I am engaged. The wedding is to be decided. If everything goes well, we will hold a lively banquet in Harbin, which will be down-to-earth, lively and festive. Netizens from Harbin will be invited to attend."

"There will also be a simple, small wedding held by family and friends in Los Angeles. A simple gathering with colleagues, friends and family in Hong Kong," she added.

Meanwhile, Terece reposted Raquel's announcement and added, "We are engaged! The best day of my life!"

It is noted that Terence and Raquel rekindled their romance back in August 2023, following their breakup in 2019. The actor admitted that he still has feelings for the actress despite their separation, which Raquel said was due to Terence's refusal to get married.

(Photo Source: Terence Yin Weibo, Raquel Xu Weibo)