Sun Li and Deng Chao celebrate seventh anniversary

13 Jun – Celebrity couple Sun Li and Deng Chao have recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

As reported on Epoch Times, the "Legend of Zhen Huan" actress recently posted an old photo of her and her actor husband on Weibo and wrote a sweet message which read, "From 7 June 2011 to 7 June 2018, we are now married for seven years. Our son and daughter gave us well wishes in the morning and then went to the kindergarten."

Deng later forwarded the same photo and wrote, "Dear wife, happy seventh anniversary."

The lovely couple, who loves to share about their married life with their fans online, first met each other through the 2005 drama, "Happiness as Flowers".

Sun, who never had any formal acting lessons prior to becoming an actress, regarded Deng as her "acting teacher" due to his background as a graduate of Beijing's Central Academy of Drama. They are now parents to two children - son Hanzhi and daughter Hanyi.

It is noted that both came from similar backgrounds as a child from broken homes. Sun was raised by her mother following the latter's divorce, while Deng left home when he was young and was once regarded as a "difficult teenager".

(Photo Source: Sun Li Weibo)