Steven Ma clarifies misunderstanding about his mental health issue

11 Dec – Steven Ma recently clarified the misunderstanding concerning his mental health situation, after many thought that he is battling the same illnesses that his character in the new movie, "Till We Meet Again" suffered.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who recently released his said directorial effort, took to social media to explain his current health situation, saying that he no longer suffers from depression.

"My depression, which started after my mother died in 1999, has been cured in 2007! However, panic disorder has been with me since 1999, but rest assured that I am okay. If the attack is too severe, taking medicine is enough!" he wrote.

Steven also said that unlike his character in the movie, he does not suffer from schizophrenia.

"I just hope that through the movie, a lot more people will know, care, and understand others with mental health issues. So, no need to worry, everyone!" he assured.

Steven also expressed hope that his movie will enable people to love and be tolerant and kind to everybody.

The misunderstanding might have occurred due to the fact that the film, which was adapted from his original stage play, was inspired by his relationship with his mother, who passed away in 1999.

(Photo Source: Steven Ma Instagram)