Stephen Chow reunited with his CJ7 "son"



21 Sep – Fans rejoiced in nostalgia as Stephen Chow recently reunited with his youngest female lead, Josie Xu (also known as Xu Jiao).

On 19 September, the comedy auteur posted a photo of the actress, who plays his son in the 2008 movie, "CJ7", and wrote, "Never have I fear anything, [but] today I was caught in shock and startled. The mischievous boy from CJ7, Zhou Xiaodi, has turned into a beautiful lady! The vast universe is truly full of surprises!"

He also announced a special competition for the 15th anniversary of the said movie, saying, "Please share a moment when you got a bit startled, and we will select five to get a mysterious prize."

Meanwhile, it was announced that Josie will be returning to Stephen Chow's company, as the actress reposted the announcement that read, "The starry sea is full of glory and the future is bright. Welcome back to the Star family, [Josie Xu]."

She captioned the repost, "In a blink of an eye, I'm back!"


 Josie made her debut as the boy Dicky Chow in 'CJ7' (2008)
Josie made her debut as the boy Dicky Chow in 'CJ7' (2008)


(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG, IMDb)