Stephen Chow is producing "King of Comedy 2"?

16 Oct – It was reported that amid the production of "The Mermaid 2", comedy auteur Stephen Chow is also filming "King of Comedy 2" in mainland China.

As reported on Phoenix, sources recently revealed that the filmmaker, who previously eyed a Lunar New Year 2019 release for his mermaid sequel, recently decided to postpone the project that has been taking too much time and instead has started on the other aforementioned sequel to catch up to the target release date.

The upcoming sequel, however, will not star the funnyman himself, but China's other comedy giant Wang Baoqiang, known for movies like "Kung Fu Jungle" and "Buddies in India".

Stephen is also not in the director's seat this time and only serves as the producer. The project is helmed instead by Hong Kong director Herman Yau.

No other information has been released about the film, and Stephen's company is also keeping mum about the project. However, it is rumoured that Stephen's new muse and "The Mermaid" star Jelly Lin Yun, as well as actress Yao Chen will be involved in the project.

"King of Comedy 2" is a 1999 Hong Kong comedy film starring Stephen as an actor who cannot seem to catch a break, only to find his luck change after meeting a call girl named Lau Piu Piu (Cecilia Cheung).