Singapore’s 10-day virtual fashion festival brings front row seats into your house

(PHOTO: The Front Row)
(PHOTO: The Front Row)

By: Wenting Ang

Ever dreamt of sitting in the coveted front row for a fashion show? Now you can at The Front Row, a 10-day virtual fashion festival from 20-29 August 2020!

Presenting a line-up packed with virtual runaways, style presentations, as well as interactive workshops and gallery tours, The Front Row is an inaugural 10-day festival that aims to run twice a year. Supported by Enterprise Singapore under the Enterprise Development Grant, The Front Row will be a free-to-view, season-less, and inclusive fashion initiative.

Expected to have up to 25 homegrown labels such as Elohim by Sabrina Goh, Ginlee Studio, Graye, and Olive Ankara, the brands will be showcasing their collections through virtual fashion shows, motion editorials, fashion filmlets, and animation with the use of digital elements such as green screen technology.

With fashion shows affected by the pandemic, The Front Row is conceptualised and curated based on the new growing demands in this new norm. The event aims to allow every person to be in the most coveted seat at a fashion show but yet at the comfort of their own space in the virtual space.

“We hope The Front Row’s innovative and entertaining platform can help to further enhance the digital presence of our local fashion,” Daniel Boey, Creative Director of The Front Row shared.

(PHOTO: Elohim by Sabrina Goh)
(PHOTO: Elohim by Sabrina Goh)

Seeking to revolutionise the Asian fashion world, The Front Row brings in a live event portal that expands into panels, runways, and workshops. With direct links to shopping sites with featured products and fashion labels, The Front Row seeks to establish a new ecosystem that links fashion and e-commerce.

The festival allows consumers to “see now, buy now” at the click of their mouse after the show, throwing in backstage access, interactive talks, and post-show tête-à-tête with designers to share about their collection and trends.

There will be different touchpoints within the online portal for the audience to participate and interact in, including a Virtual Fashion Village, which is an online marketplace that stimulates real-life shopping experience.

The audience can also look forward to DIY workshops helmed by designers if they are interested to create their own fashion accessories or pieces.

With the increased attention on sustainability in the fashion industry, one of the key focus of the event will be on the need for the industry to rethink fashion with an eco-conscious sensibility and accountability.

Brands will be demonstrating their sustainability commitment through their collection and business practices during the fashion event.

A full update on the list of designers and programme rundown will be released closer to the launch dates.

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