Shopping: Products for a happier and healthier furkid

Shopping: Products for a happier and healthier furkid

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Now that we are gradually transiting back to office life, the one collateral damage we might not have anticipated are pets who find themselves confused about adapting again to an empty house during the day. Owners may find that their pets start to exhibit behavioural changes, at least until they once again adapt to not having their favourite humans around all the time.

Whether you’re back at work or still working from home, it’s never a bad time to invest in some new toys, ergonomic feeders or explore options to make your home more pet friendly. After all, your furkid is family you chose. Here are some options.

Xiaomi Tilted Pet Feeder with Base

Cats need the help of gravity to pull their food down into their stomach, so eating with their bodies curled into a n-shape may cause unwanted regurgitation. On the other hand, eating on a low surface for longterm puts a fair bit of pressure on your dog’s spine. With this ergonomically-designed pet bowl, your furkids will not need to bend their knees or lower their spine, protecting their spine and helping in better digestion.

TRIXIE Tunnel Feeder for Cats

Cats are inquisitive animals. To avoid unwanted zoomies when you’re sleeping, make them work for their food by letting them poke, scoop, jab, as their rewards tumble down into six different tunnels.You can adjust the level of output to regulate how quickly the food is released, so it can also be used as a daily feeder. Now your cats can play with their food, and eat it too!

Beehive Foraging Toy

Stimulate pets’ foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. The snuffle mat is the perfect nose work training mat to help dogs put their nose and brain to work. Simply hide their favourite treats or toys inside the mat, and let them go to town!

RoundLove Artificial Turf/Indoor Grass

It’s not only us missing interactions with the outside world, your dog does too! Carve up a space in your house to put this artificial turf on, so your furkid has a play space to call its own. To be honest, if you’re feeling the cabin fever a bit too much, you can also pretend picnic with your dog beside you. Only if you’re desperate.

Petkit Deep Sleep Pet Mattress

We know that a lot of us treat our pets like queens and kings, so it’s no wonder that a mattress fit for a furry monarch was created. Stuffed with memory foam and wavycold foam, your pet will get better rest while keeping cool.

OXO Good Grips FurLifter

Okay, so this is not for your pet, but it is a product that all pet owners will appreciate greatly. Get rid of fur on your sofa, bed, and everywhere (we understand, really), and best of all, you don’t ever need to get any refill. Simply run the brush over desired area, letting the micro-bristles on the brush clean pet fur, hair and lint with just a few quick strokes. Dunk it back into the base, where fibres catches those fur, allowing the brush to emerge clear. To clear the fur in the base, simply open the bottom cover and empty the collected fur into a wastebasket. Easy and environmentally friendly!

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