Singapore celebs' social media recap: Week 16 - 22 Dec

23 Dec - Here's looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

Bobby Tonelli marks the end of his 2019 with a photo with the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Epic. How can anybody top that?

Jeremy Chan and Paul Foster donning their Darth Vader and Jedi suits means that it is the time for the final "Star Wars" film, people!

So you have a Christmas tree? The ever-so talented Apple Hong sees your tree and raises you a painting of one.

Jaime Teo got to spend time with the family at the ANMON Resort Bintan thanks to three days of sunny weather.

Nick Teo shared this romantic photo of him and girlfriend Hong Ling back when they were vacationing in Nami Island, Korea. Apparently, this photo is also Hong Ling's wallpaper. Awwww....

Xu Bin finally got to spend time with his little boy after being away from the family for a while.

You can always rely on Yvonne Lim to suggest an interesting way to spend time with the kids, as proven here in this photo of Fann Wong and her kid Zed having a jolly good time with the dolphins.

Stefanie Sun expresses her love for the Taiwanese band Mayday in this post of her performing with Ashin and the gang.

A huge FAKE NEWS was written by Bryan Wong across this one article about his supposed "latest investment".

After celebrating it with his family and fans, Elvin Ng recently got another surprise birthday cake from the team of the Shunji Matsuo salon when he was there for a haircut. How lucky! The actor turns 38 today, 23 December.