Shop these 10 Singapore online grocers for your next fresh produce run

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Living in Singapore, we are blessed to have at our disposal big supermarket chains, with most being one or two stops away from home. It’s a deliberate exercise in town planning where we don’t really have to travel far to get the basic everyday necessities that we need—everything is sold under one convenient roof.

While there are obvious advantages to shopping at such supermarkets—variety, price, convenience—the downside is in their lack of specialty produce for shoppers who are more discerning with what they stock in the pantry. The solution to that is specialised grocers that stock everything from local organically grown vegetables and Japanese market auction produce, to ethically farmed meats and fresh seafood flown in from all over the world. Here are 10 great places to start. 


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Avo & Co

(PHOTO: Avo & Co)

Singapore-owned Avo & Co is the brainchild of brothers Clement and Cedric Chew that specialises in offering high-quality, in-season, and impressively fresh fruit and vegetable boxes delivered to your doorstep weekly. There’s also the option of adding quality products such as meat, eggs, and cheeses into your box of choice. 

Avo & Co pride themselves on having the best produce in Singapore—a tall order brought about by sourcing items that are as ripe as possible before being harvested. They’ve also partnered up with several local farms and will be gradually introducing Singapore-grown organic vegetables into their boxes. 

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Greenwood Fish Market

(PHOTO: Greenwood Fish Market)

When it comes to fresh, cold water seafood, nothing beats the offerings by Greenwood Fish Market. Established in 2003, Greenwood Fish Market stays true to their humble beginning of offering value to the consumers, emerging as the go-to grocer for your seafood craving. They have worldwide shipments flying in several times in a week so you can be assured of only the best from the oceans around the globe. 

Their wholesale packs are the epitome of value. It starts from S$150 for a supply pack filled with 6 thick-cut pieces each of Barramundi, Atlantic Salmon, and Red Snapper fillet, prepared boneless with the skin on and individually vacuum packed for an impressive freshness. 

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(PHOTO: Kühlbarra)

Kühlbarra is a household name amongst chefs and restaurants in Singapore, priding themselves on locally-farmed quality Barramundi cuts from farm to doorstep. Their fishes are ocean-farmed in the Straits of Singapore, off the southern coast of the island, selected due to its oxygen-rich water, strong currents, and pristine ecosystem. Farming fish in ocean waters is the best way to regulate what their fish eat, ensuring toxins are kept out of their diets. 

The premium Kühlbarra Barramundi are fed the highest quality fish food and is certified to be sustainable and traceable. Now, you too can have restaurant-quality fish and seafood from the comfort of home with the ease of delivery right to your doorstep. 

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Mr Farmer

(PHOTO: Mr Farmer)

Ask the older folks where the best produce can be found, and without missing a beat, they will say the wet market, or pasar in local colloquial terms. It is a philosophy Mr Farmer believes in too, aiming to retain the freshness of the ingredients found at the wet markets delivered to your homes.

If that’s not enough, they are one of the very few handfuls of retailers who are strong advocates of ‘One Welfare’, a concept that believes animal welfare, biodiversity, and the environment are connected to human wellbeing. To that end, Mr Farmer only provides produce that is ethically sourced and farmed and adheres to their welfare and production standards. 

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CS Foods 

(PHOTO: CS Foods)

Established in 1988 and with over 30 years of experience in the food industry, CS Foods is leading the way as the purveyor of choice for halal-certified chilled, frozen, and ready-to-eat food provider in Singapore. With over 200 products in-store, there’s nothing you can’t find here that you might need for a scrumptious spread at home like no other. 

Apart from their wide array of quality Union Station Australian Angus Beef products, CS Foods also carries the Sabatino Tartufi range of pure truffle products—white and black truffle oil, black truffle paste, and truffle seasoning powder. They also carry ready-to-cook boxes of carefully selected ingredients that come with recipes and step-by-step cooking methods for the novice cook.

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(PHOTO: Zairyo)

If you’re a Japanese food connoisseur, then Zairyo should be right on your radar as the go-to grocer for all things fresh and high quality. They have been suppliers to Japanese restaurants in Singapore for over 14 years which only means that when it comes to all things Japan, they’re the experts. 

Zairyo’s commitment to quality shows in their ability to fly in fresh produce from the Toyosu Market four times a week and having direct access to the Uni auction there. Now, home cooks can also have a slice of quality Japanese produce such as Omakase Uni,  Geta Bafun Uni, and the Ginjiro Premium Special Uni.

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Fruit Werkz (Fruits only)

(PHOTO: Fruitwerkz)

With more than 30 years of experience in the business of all things fruits, you can be assured that Fruitwerkz knows how to hand-pick the best quality fruits and have them delivered to your doorstep. As an affiliate of Lim Tean Lye Trading, Fruitwerkz has, at their disposal, a wide range of tropical and seasonal fruits to choose from. Some of their inventory includes South Africa Forelle Pear, organic longan, and fruit boxes that have fresh selections to satiate everyone in the family. 

A unique product Fruitwerkz offers is their juicing and smoothie box that carries all the commonly used fruits for the active person who enjoys a cold glass of smoothie in the morning. You can also place bulk orders of pineapple, avocado, apple, and kiwi for your entire department to partake in the joys of eating the best quality fruits.

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Portopantry (Halal)

(PHOTO: Portopantry)

Halal online grocer Portopantry stands out from the pack because they offer ready-to-cook BBQ meat packages from Zac Butchery for your weekend family gathering. These assorted BBQ platters serve parties from as small and intimate as four people to a rambunctious gathering of 15. 

The online marketplace has also partnered up with sandwich retailer, Kraftwich and pasta outlet, Pastamania to provide ready-to-eat bundles for a fuss free afternoon tête-à-tête with friends. They also carry a range of whole and small sliced cakes making the party planning experience a convenient one with everything being available under one digital roof.

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Classic Deli 

(PHOTO: Classic Fine Food)

Classic Deli is the retail arm of Classic Fine Food, specially created in light of the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. Established in 2001, Classic Fine Foods has emerged as the lead supplier of high quality products to some of Singapore’s best restaurants, hotels, central kitchens, department stores, and gourmet food halls. 

Now, they bring close to two decades of experience in providing the highest quality of produce to discerning consumers who are on a keen lookout for unique gourmet offerings for the home pantry. Customers can look forward to Classic Deli’s wide range of exciting goods such as Pluma Iberico pork, Farmed Seabass Fillet Branzino Greece, Buckwheat Flour Organic, and the Tertufi Morra range of Truffle products.

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Ryan’s Grocery

(PHOTO: Ryan’s Grocery)

Ryan’s Grocery is Singapore’s answer to a premium gourmet grocer that carries organic, gluten-, allergen-, and preservative-free products. The philosophy here is a strong belief in ethical sourcing and the humane treatment of animals in all the meat products they carry. To that end, they only work with certified farms that provide organic or free-range meat options such as Inglewood farms, Diestel Family Ranch, and Borrowdale. 

The same commitment to ethically-farmed meats extends to their range of quality greens, some of which are locally grown in Singapore by Artisan Green—an indoor hydroponics farm located in Kallang. Vegans too will love their range of vegan-friendly products such as Beyond Meat’s sausages, Gardein Fishless Fish Fillet, and everyone’s favourite dairy-free butter, Nuttelex.  

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