Shawn Mendes is taken but here are 8 instances he proved to be the perfect boyfriend at his concert

Sheila Chiang
·Lifestyle contributor
Shawn Mendes breaking hearts everywhere. (PHOTO: 19sixtyfive)
Shawn Mendes breaking hearts everywhere. (PHOTO: 19sixtyfive)

SINGAPORE – Lots of air-kisses and hand hearts were handed out by singer-songwriter and heartthrob Shawn Mendes at his second gig here in Singapore. He had every tween/teen girl screaming in the house, delivering hit after hit with aplomb, where he performed to a sold-out crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Oct 4.

He may be dating Camila Cabello but we can’t help but gush about how he fulfils the perfect boyfriend image in our fantasies. *heart eyes*

From the moment he strutted on stage to the finale, he made our hearts flutter, said the right things and serenaded fans with not just a rose but a massive one. Here’s how.


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  • He dressed for the part

He kickstarted the almost 2-hour long concert with his high energy pop track “Lost in Japan”. He took the stage in a sleeveless shirt, which displayed his biceps in clear view. You thought the Calvin Klein model would take off his shirt to show off his ripped upper body, but no, he kept his top intact and the same throughout the show.

Looking every inch the rock superstar, he continued to belt out his top hits, “Nothing Holdin' Me Back”, “Nervous” and “Stitches” with his amazing guitar skills. We don’t even need to mention that this guy can really sing.

  • He will win your parents over with his chiseled good looks and smile

He flashes his winning smile every few seconds, making our ovaries burst. Coupled with his curly locks falling in his eyes, this man is the dream. We are sure that your parents will love him when you bring him home.

Not to forget to mention that a sweaty Shawn Mendes is pretty sexy?

Bonus brownie points if he did try to attempt to speak Singlish or even talk about which Singapore food he loves. We are quite sure Singaporean fans will love him even more.

PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore
PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore
  • He made our hearts flutter when he sat down at the piano

As if he was not perfect enough, he took to the piano with Señorita, the song which he collaborated with Camila Cabello and won ‘Best Collaboration’ at the MTV VMAs with.

One minute he’s amping up the rocker vibes on a few of his chart-toppers, the next, he’s crooning away at the piano with a soulful rendition of “Señorita”, and covering his fave Coldplay hit, “Fix You”.

  • He always makes sure you are okay

His favourite question for the night was probably, “How are you doing?”. We know because he asked at least seven times. Fans definitely don’t mind. Each time he asked, he invited screams from the pre-dominantly female audience.

  • He showers you with kisses and hand hearts when you are down

He threw air-kisses in all directions and some lucky fans would have caught them. He also made sure to show how much you mean to him by sending multiple hand hearts via the giant, circular video screen.

I know I can Treat You Better, than he can.

Not to forget to mention that a sweaty Shawn Mendes is pretty sexy? (PHOTO: 19sixtyfive)
Not to forget to mention that a sweaty Shawn Mendes is pretty sexy? (PHOTO: 19sixtyfive)
  • He will serenade you with his guitar solos

He put on a solo guitar performance as he performed “Ruin” and asked everyone to clap along to the rhythm as he strummed the hell out of his guitar. We swear the guitar was going to break with such fervour and passion. There is no doubt he will serenade you well enough – he put on quite the performance.

  • He hits all his high notes perfectly

Boy can hit all the impossibly high pitches. He displayed his impressive vocal range by killing all the high notes effortlessly, not once, but many times.

We were completely bowled over.

  • He brought along a rose for everyone in the house

That massive rose in the middle of the stadium? The concept was drawn directly from Shawn Mendes’ album artwork. Rigged inside are Solaris Flares to provide internal lighting and the rose glowed from pink to blue to gold during the concert.

He made sure to place a piano next to the rose and created the perfect presence as he played the piano and sang to slow numbers such as “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”, “Because I Had You” and “When You're Ready.”

We are not going to question why his girlfriend Camila Cabello told British radio station Capital Breakfast that she “really, really loves him a lot”.