Selena Lee feels helpless over the situation in Hong Kong

10 Feb – Selena Lee recently expressed her helplessness over the recent chaos that has been enveloping Hong Kong following the Coronavirus outbreak.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress recently took to social media to share her thoughts on the situation, after hearing about the "panic shopping" that has triggered in the city, with locals emptying out supermarkets and grocery stores to stock up on items like bleach, cleaning supplies, food and water.

She wrote, "It's very distressing and I feel very helpless. I really want to do something to help the needy, but this is no longer something I can help, nor is it something that can be solved with money."

"Every day I watch the medical staff work hard to fight the pandemic, and also watch everyone try to survive. I can't do anything myself," she added.

Selena said that she previously ordered a large number of face masks before going to Canada to give them to her grandparents. However, the package has been stuck in transit and has not arrived after three weeks.

"Now I have returned to Hong Kong. It seems that it will never arrive," she added.

She then continued, "But the pandemic will one day pass. The sun will come out someday. What we can do now is to protect ourselves, disinfect and wash our hands, exercise, and keep our body strong and healthy without delaying society. It is the most basic responsibility we can do. Let's cheer up together."

(Photo Source: Selena Lee Instagram)