Sandra Ng denies Peter Chan to manage MakerVille

16 Aug - Sandra Ng has recently laughed off rumours that life partner Peter Chan is taking over the talent management company, MakerVille.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress-producer, who was the Filmmaker in Focus at the recently launched Hong Kong International Film Festival, stated that there is no truth at all to the notion that the filmmaker will be replacing Lo Ting Fai, who resigned following the tragic accident at MIRROR's July concert.

"It's too absurd. There is no basis to the rumour at all. He has never done anything else than movies," she said.

Asked if she would be okay with Peter hypothetically taking over MakerVille, Sandra laughed and said, "No way. That means he has to go to work every day. He is not a TV person."

Asked about her "Chilli Laugh Story" co-star Edan Lui, who is also a member of MIRROR, Sandra said that she will continue to support the performer.

"We will continue to offer him roles in our movies. The group is facing a lot of difficulties, no one wanted the tragedy to happen. I hope the injured will get well soon and that everybody will have the perfect ending," she added.

 Sandra Ng expresses support for MIRROR member Edan Lui
Sandra Ng expresses support for MIRROR member Edan Lui

(Photo Source: Mingpao, ST Headline)