Rebecca Lim’s dream engagement ring will be something simple with a low-key marriage proposal

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Rebecca Lim at Goldheart opening. (PHOTO: Goldheart)
Rebecca Lim at Goldheart opening. (PHOTO: Goldheart)

SINGAPORE – You would think that local actress and Goldheart Jewelry ambassador Rebecca Lim would have a lot of sponsored jewellery she could adorn, but she said she would rather opt for very simple jewellery pieces. This complements her minimalistic style as seen in the many photos she posts on her Instagram account (@limrebecca).

Speaking to Rebecca at the Goldheart Jewelry Ion Orchard flagship store opening on 19 October, she said that she is not a very feminine person and wearing jewellery makes her feel dainty.

On her skinny frame, she sported a white tiered dress with boots in the same colour.

Themed "the contemporary communal", the new Goldheart open concept store sees the walls of the shopfront tore down to yield an open frontage, while its interior now takes the form of a contemporary living room.

Rebecca Lim mingled with her fans and brought everyone around the store, which was opened to the public. She had a Q&A segment where she fielded questions from emcee, Dennis Chew (Zhou Chongqing) on her favourite jewellery pieces.

Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore finds out from her what her dream ring and marriage proposal are like.


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Rebecca Lim posing at the Library of Gold section in the store. (PHOTO: Goldheart)
Rebecca Lim posing at the Library of Gold section in the store. (PHOTO: Goldheart)
Rebecca Lim at Goldheart opening. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)
Rebecca Lim at Goldheart opening. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Which pieces would you recommend to someone wearing jewellery for the first time?

I would definitely recommend something in white gold, with a tinge of diamond for the extra shine. And I think it is because your first piece of jewellery has to be something very classic, something you can wear it every day for any occasion and at any age. And I feel that if it is your first time investing in jewellery, you may feel less guilty about spending money on it if you can share it with people at home and your friends.

Do you have a piece of heirloom jewellery passed down from your mother or grandmother?

I have a gold bracelet passed down from my mother that was bought for her by my grandmother. It is a bit tight for me as it was bought for her when she was in secondary school. Another precious piece I have is a cross pendant from my late grandmother that she actually passed to me two weeks before she passed away.

Every girl has a dream marriage proposal. Have you ever imagined yourself to be proposed with a ring and if so, what would your dream ring and proposal be like?

Definitely not a big-scale proposal. I don’t like public proposals. The more low-key, the better. It could be in my house, with my family members, and hopefully with some good food and wine. And also because when I was in my final year of university, someone from my school proposed to his girlfriend and she said no. I thought that was terrible and I would never, ever want to have something like that happen to me. My dream ring will be very simple - something white gold with a small diamond. I used to want something like a solitaire but I am very self-aware and I know that I am very muddle-headed. I always lose my stuff so I would not want to risk losing my engagement ring. It will not be too expensive, in case I lose it.

Goldheart. (PHOTO: Goldheart)
Goldheart's open concept store. (PHOTO: Goldheart)

What is your favourite piece from the #RebeccaWears collection?

I can’t really choose a piece but I personally really like the K-style collection because it is very wearable for every day. Something that is versatile and not too in-your-face but yet adds an extra sparkle to let you shine. I am not a very feminine person but after wearing all these pieces, they make me feel a little daintier. Some of the earrings are 3-in-1 – you can release the chain or you can wear it as a stud. That is what I like about the collection.

You have taken on challenging roles such as a cop. Are there other roles that you see yourself playing?

I actually enjoyed all the roles I played. The cop role was extremely challenging, physically, mentally and technically as well. I feel that with each role, I learn something new through the character. You not only learn empathy from the characters in the drama, but also from the people you work with. I think it is not a one-man show and what I learnt is that to get to where you are, you need a team of people to make it possible. I enjoy acting a lot as it teaches me a lot of other things as well.

ION Orchard Goldheart Gold / Jewel Galleria is located at 2 Orchard Turn,#B2-65 ION Orchard Singapore 238801


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