Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao finally reunited

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

25 Jan – After nearly a year being separated from each other, Rainie Yang sparked speculations that she was finally able to be reunited with husband Li Ronghao.

As reported on Mingpao, the Taiwanese singer hinted the good news first on 23 January, posting on social media the words, "The quarantine is over". She later posted a photo of a little girl embracing a dog and captioned it, "Met".

Rainie's cryptic post on social media
Rainie's cryptic post on social media

Although Rainie made no mention of her husband in the post, it was reported that the singer had recently travelled to mainland China to participate in the reality show, "Sisters Who Make Waves 2", and that her husband had been photographed rushing to the airport - fuelling speculations that he was heading her way.

Li and Rainie, who originally could not see each other as much due to their busy schedules, found themselves unwittingly separated from each other when the COVID-19 pandemic started, causing borders to shut down.

However, the singer stated that she and her husband made their relationship work through communication via phone and the internet, with Li continuously sending Rainie gifts and surprises while he was thousands of kilometres away.

(Photo Source: Li Ronghao Instagram, Rainie Yang Instagram)