Porsche’s New Coffee Table Book Plumbs the Archives to Spotlight the Marque’s Most Defining Cars

Porsche is telling all in a new monograph.

The German marque released a coffee table book titled Artifacts on Friday that is brimming with content from its highly guarded corporate archives in Zuffenhausen. Spanning 356 pages, the hefty tome was created in partnership with the automaker’s daily magazine, Type 7, and publisher ERG Media. It looks every bit as smart as a Stuttgart classic, too.

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Inside, the hardcover details the items and vehicles that have made the 75-year-old nameplate what it is today. It also features an array of anecdotes and documents that provide a glimpse into Porsche’s rich history.

Porsche Artifacts red slipcase (left) and archive box (right)
The red slipcase (left) and archive box (right).

Photographer and lead creative Thomas Walk was tasked with snapping thousands of historical pieces on location in Zuffenhausen. The moody, high-res imagery is accompanied by a separate pull-out index that provides the backstory of each item. This way, you get the feeling of being an archivist exploring the confidential vaults from your couch. You can pore over a Porsche 356A Speedster file or study a pink-and-black racing prototype, for instance.

ERG Media collaborated with Andy Cruz of House to design lavish packaging that evokes the items on the pages. For starters, the book arrives in a paper wrapping that pays homage to the Porsche 911 Turbo’s design blueprints. Next, you have to break the seal of a sturdy archive box to find a red slipcase that was inspired by the automaker’s racing pedigree. Finally, you unwind a string to open the book and discover the treasures within.

An index folder (right) and curated selection of archive images (right)
An index folder (right) and curated selection of archive images (left).

Artifacts is not the first book to spotlight Porsche, of course. The marque has identified seven titles that it describes as “the best Porsche books you will find,” from René Staud’s The Porsche 911 Book to Delius Klasing’s 50Y Porsche Design. Maybe this release will become the eighth.

You can order your copy of Artifacts now at the Porsche Shop for $285.

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