Popular tze char stall, Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen, temporarily closes till further notice

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Just google Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen online and you’ll find out that they are notoriously known for their super long waits. That should give you a gauge as to how popular they are. Unfortunately, the wait for you to attain a delicious meal here will now be prolonged as Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen is temporarily closed.

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In Dec 2022, they reopened for business again after closing the stall for a short hiatus. A husband-and-wife duo helm the stall— Uncle Hong is the chef in the kitchen while his wife helps with administrative matters like taking orders. For the 2 of them to manage the stall of such popularity takes tenacity… I don’t know how they do it.

They took a break previously as the lady boss was recovering from an injury. For them to shut their shutters again in such a short span of time only meant that something drastic had to happen.

Like we suspected, our suspicions were correct. With a heavy heart, I bear the sad news that Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen is temporarily closing this time because Uncle Hong suffered a bad fall. The news came from an Instagram post, stating the severity of his fall, as he “shattered his pelvic bone to several pieces”.

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I definitely can say that all of us are saddened with this news. Uncle Hong is one of the best at serving old-school Cantonese tze char fares. Most of his regulars would say that the long waiting time is warranted for this “fantastic experience“. Despite his low-key profile, he surely has quite a loyal fan base. On behalf of them all, we wish you a speedy recovery, Uncle Hong.

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I mean, his culinary skills are are a definite stand out from most regular tze char stalls. Most of his dishes are served in a claypot, as stated in his stall name, which helps to retain natural sweetness in all ingredients. This is the reason why most foods that are served in claypot tastes better than foods served from any other vessel. That’s not the point though; his craft is unbeatable and incomparable to most.

Uncle Hong is about 80+ years old now, so for him to suffer a fall of such degree really worries me. The idea of retiring at such an age might be a possibility as well, so I’m crossing my fingers that we will still have the opportunity to enjoy his food.

Once again, we wish Uncle Hong a speedy recovery, and send him our best wishes.

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