Pia Wurtzbach is not attending 2019 Miss Universe pageant

26 Nov – Unlike previous Miss Universe competitions, Pia Wurtzbach said that she will not be attending this year's pageant due to her other commitment.

As reported on Push, the former winner of the 2015 pageant shared the bad news on social media recently, saying that she would be in Japan on the date of the competition for a project with the Japanese tourism board.

"My travel show was invited by the Tourism Board of Japan to feature a festival in Fukuoka. Our working visas were released already before [Miss Universe Organisation] announced the date and venue," she said.

Wurtzbach stated that the organisation even invited her to be the backstage host.

"I really want to, [but] it would also be impolite for me to cancel my trip to Japan. It's a government invitation, and we already have our visas. How unfortunate. If I had known sooner, I might have been able to do it," she added.

The 2019 Miss Universe pageant will be held on 8 December in Atlanta, Georgia.

(Photo Source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram)