Nicole Richie lounges around in her pyjamas and sees 'no shame in rocking it'

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
Nicole Richie in her favourite PJs. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle/ Style NowWith)

Fashion maven Nicole Richie is a proud and successful entrepreneur, having launched her own jewelry line, House of Harlow, which is named after her daughter, as well as a brand new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, which is available on And we’re excited to be partnering with Nicole in our first ever Style NowWith video series, that is fun and shoppable.

When it comes to weekend lounging, Nicole knows how to work it; in her favourite pyjamas at home.

“The weekends are all about relaxing at home and unwinding. There’s absolutely no shame in rocking your pyjamas late into a Sunday afternoon, especially if you accessorise them right,” she states out right (you can shop for her pyjamas by clicking on the featured items in the video).

So why does Nicole include this comfy attire to her website?

“I designed them specifically for women, who just really want to feel relaxed but also look stylish at the same time,” she adds.

And you can always personalise your PJ look by accessorising: “I love layering. With my pyjamas as a base, I can add a robe, jewelry and top of the look off with a headband. There’s definitely ways to make it a real outfit,” she says.

 So what do you say? Round up your friends for a pyjama party!


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