Nicole Richie on her must-haves: Scarves will save your life

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Nicole Richie on her must-haves: Scarves will save your life


This is Nicole Richie‘s first shoppable video series with us, Style NowWith, where we preview some of her favourite must-haves from her new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx. In the first episode, the style icon picks her essential item: the versatile scarf. To purchase her scarf, just click on the item shown on the right-hand column, and it will lead you to Nicole’s shopping website.

So why are scarves the perfect accessory, as explained by Nicole:

  1. You can wrap it up around your head to make into a fashionable turban
  2. Tie a knot around your handbag for an instant glam and;
  3. To cover unnecessary wine accidents

Just watch how the Queen of Boho does it!

Nicole Richie in Style NowWith. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle/NowWith)

“Scarves not only saved my day, but they will save your life,” Nicole shares with Yahoo Lifestyle and we couldn’t agree more! In the video, you can shop the Eternal Bloom Silk Scarf in midnight blue and blush, USD58, at Honey Minx online.

When it comes to picking the right colour as gifts, we asked the style maven for her tip.

“I’m somebody who gravitates towards colours and prints. I love a contrast print,” she says. “I think when you’re picking anything, honestly though, it’s all about feel. What do you gravitate toward?”


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We love the 100% eternal butterfly silk scarf in pure pink: Inspired by breathtaking nature of wild butterflies, these 100% silk supremely soft scarves come in colourful designs and chicest floral prints. Oversized for more versatility so you can loosely wrap around your neck, use as a headband, twist around your pony or adorn your purse.