Plastic or no plastic?

Syahida Kamarudin
Plastic or no plastic?

12 Oct – It's another plastic rumour surgery for "Coffee Prince" actress Chae Jung-ahn.

According to kpopfever website, Chae Jung-ahn had attended the wedding of production director Kwak Jung-hwan on 6 October, at the grand ballroom situated in 63 Building.

The actress came to the wedding wearing a leather jacket and a white mini dress and looked very slim in her tight fitting dress, but her face was very swollen and unnatural.

It triggered suspicion among netizens of her having performed plastic surgery.

After seeing the photo the netizens commented, "She was really pretty before the surgery....", "Are you the type that only gains weight on their face?", and most netizens expressed their suspicion of her having done some work on her face.

The 34 year-old actress is infamous when it comes to surgery scandal. In 2008, the actress was rumoured to have had plastic surgery done after her divorce.