Lee Jung Jae Allegedly Hints That Late Creative Director Woo Jong Wan was Homosexual

Lee Jung Jae plunged showbiz into shock with an interview that allegedly refers to the late Woo Jong Wan.

The interview in question was released through the February issue of Vogue.

It stated that Lee Jung Jae had said, "I told my friend ′Y′, who recently passed away, to ′stop being gay.′"

He continued to say that he attempted to dissuade Y from being a homosexual, but that it wasn′t easy because Y had been "born with such an inconvenience," and he also talked about how he himself had suffered from rumors early in his career due to his homosexual manager.

Vogue further hinted that Lee Jung Jae had been talking about Woo Jong Wan, saying Y was a creative director who had been active in fashion and showbiz, and committed suicide.

Woo Jong Wan never explicitly announced in his life that he is a homosexual, a fact that has led to backlash from netizens on how Lee Jung Jae has forced the late Woo Jong Wan out of the closet.

Lee Jung Jae and Woo Jong Wan were well known as close friends. Woo Jong Wan had often talked about Lee Jung Jae on broadcast.

Vogue has stated through its official Twitter that the controversy sparked from a mere misunderstanding and removed the offending excerpts from the article online.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Reporter : Ko Hong Ju (kohongju@cj.net)
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