Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won Start Dating for Their Drama

Jeon Su Mi

Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won were spotted going on a date for the drama Looking Forward to Romance.

The drama has started shooting and teasing for the the truly chemical matches to come.

Looking Forward to Romance will be about how four different youths with different views toward love start seeing each other.

Choi Daniel will appear as Cha Gi Dae, a man who knows exactly what women think. Kim Ji Won will be Choi Sae Rom, a girl like any other girl her age.

In stills released from their shoot together, they stare at each other with loving eyes and big smiles.

The two even boasted some unbelievable teamwork on set for their first shoot together.

Choi Daniel said after the shoot, "I was nervous because it was my first shoot in a while since School 2013, but I had fun because the mood was bright on set. I have a feeling this piece will be great."

"I thought I wouldn′t be nervous because we held long script readings, but still I felt nervous and expectant once we started shooting," Kim Ji Won added.

KBS′ Looking Forward to Romance will air in September.

Photo credit: IOK Media

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