Netizens question recent clip of Luke Chen acting intimate with girlfriend

16 Nov - Netizens were sceptical over recent paparazzi photos showing Luke Chen and Chen Bing being intimate with each other at home.

As reported on Sohu, recently, several photos and a video were released by the Chinese paparazzi where Luke was seen taking his shirt off as he conversed with a woman believed to be Bing.

The woman was then seen caressing his abs, before he then took her hand and made their way to the other side of the living room, supposedly forgotten to draw their curtains.

However, following the release of the photos, netizens took to social media accusing the actor of staging the paparazzi snaps, as it conveniently happened amid allegations that he had a past relationship with fellow male actor Wu Chuyi, who alleged that he had to pole dance to provide for Luke in the past.

It is noted that the Wu Chuyi scandal occurred not long after Luke was revealed to have been married in the past.

Luke has admitted to the marriage allegations but denied that he and Wu were in a relationship.

Luke said Wu Chuyi was a former roommate and not his lover
Luke said Wu Chuyi was a former roommate and not his lover

(Photo Source: Luke Chen Weibo, SINA)