Naqiu donated half of his Gegar Vaganza 6 prize to the needy

3 Oct - While Jaclyn Victor hasn't touched her RM100,000 that she got from winning the ninth season of "Gegar Vaganza", season 6 winner Naqiu revealed that half of his said amount is already gone to the needy.

The Boboy vocalist, who was asked about his prize money during the backstage interview of "All Stars Gegar Vaganza", stated that he won the competition just before the COVID-19 pandemic started and many began facing hardships caused by the situation.

"It was disbursed as an 'infaq', since a lot of people were in difficult situations. But I wasn't the type to go to specific locations. Instead, I would transfer the money via online banking," he said.

On the other hand, Naqiu, who won praises for his performance in the show, stated that he is not that confident he could win the competition this time, but that he would try his best.

Naqiu faces a stiff competition against past winners that include Siti Nordiana, Azharina, Dato' Aishah, as well as his fellow co-champion, Hady Mirza. Aside from the ten champions, the show also introduced six hot seat competitors that include fan favourites Tomok and Zamani.

Naqiu competes again in this season's 'Gegar Vaganza'
Naqiu competes again in this season's 'Gegar Vaganza'

(Photo Source: Naqiu IG)