‘Morning Joe’ Says There’s ‘Absolutely’ a Chance More Trump Allies Flip: ‘That’s Where We Are’ (Video)

One of Donald Trump’s former employees did a full 180 on their testimony about him this week after switching to a new lawyer that the four-time indicted former president is not paying for. And NBC News’ Ken Dilanian says there’s “absolutely” a chance that more Trump allies will flip on him.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Mar-a-Lago IT director Yuscil Taveras — previously identified as “Trump Employee 4” in the superseding indictment of Trump — retracted testimony in which he originally said he was unaware of any efforts or instructions to erase security footage from Trump’s Florida resort.

After switching to a public defender instead of a Trump-provided attorney, Taveras testified the exact opposite, further implicating Trump in the classified documents case, and agreeing to testify at trial when the time comes.

“Who would have ever believed that Donald Trump would be guilty of obstructing justice, other than everyone,” Joe Scarborough mocked.

As the conversation progressed, host Willie Geist asked NBC News justice and intelligence correspondent Ken Dilanian if he thought there was any possibility that more Trump employees might turn on him, and the answer was a resounding yes.

“Absolutely there’s more avenues for this to happen,” Dilanian said. “It really is sort of like a mob movie, when you have these lawyers, all being paid for by Donald Trump, representing witnesses and suddenly when one gets a different lawyer, they utterly change their story and start remembering things they didn’t remember before.”

He continued, “That’s where we are and I think we absolutely may well see more of this.”

You can watch the full conversation from “Morning Joe” in the video above.

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