Mandy Wong departs from TVB

4 Dec - Mandy Wong has become the latest TVB star to depart from the broadcasting company after years of service.

On 1 December, the actress shared the news on social media with clips of her in TV City, as well as photos from the many TVB events she attended.

She wrote, "At this moment, it is difficult to describe my mood in three words. It's a mixture of feelings... Thank you TVB, thank you to this place for many years of cultivation, step by step, slowly walking to today."

"Special thanks to every producer I met and behind the scenes staff. I was really lucky to know a group of good comrades in arms, meet and know each other, and grow up and encourage each other!" she added.

Mandy stated that she is looking forward to meeting a lot of new characters and working on various stages and more challenges in the future.

Onward to new challenges
Onward to new challenges

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Mandy began her career in TVB after she was placed top 5 in the Miss Hong Kong 2007 pageant.

(Photo Source: Mandy Wong IG)