Louis Koo says the HK film industry is entering "cold winter"

31 Dec – Louis Koo recently admitted that the Hong Kong film industry is entering a "cold winter", which has caused a lot of actors and film workers to seek additional employments for livelihood.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who is also the president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild (HKPAG), stated that the industry needs help from the government in order to continue to survive.

"Investors have to look at risks and returns, as well as the social situation. Even if we are willing to invest, there is a possibility that nobody wants to go and watch a movie. The current social atmosphere is the problem," he said.

As for film workers resorting to driving taxi and doing construction jobs to make ends meet, Louis said that he is aware of the situation but understands that there is no other way to resolve it.

"People need to eat. I have been in contact with several film workers and found that they are still working in the industry, so I am happy about that. I believe we will do better after this ice age. But for now, we have to help each other and hope that the government would aid us," he said.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram)