Liza Wang saddened by the death of two great actresses

15 Aug – Veteran actress Liza Wang is saddened by the loss of two great actresses, movie actress Ha Ping and TVB veteran Lily Leung, in the same month.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media during an appearance in TVB City, stated that Lily's death felt too sudden for her, as she only heard news about her hospitalisation a week before.

"Lily watched me grew up. I was in her training class in 1967 and she was already a big star at the time. Everybody regarded her as an idol. She had a big influence on me," she said.

Asked when she last saw the actress, Liza said that she was at Lily's birthday celebration last year.

As for Ha Ping, the actress said that she has worked with her in the past.

"I respect her very much. It is very sad to lose two great veterans in this business. It is a big loss," she added.

(Photo Source: EBC News)