Li Xiaolu admits she was blackmailed for leaked video

18 Nov– Soon after confirming her divorce from husband Jia Nailiang, actress Li Xiaolu took to social media to address the controversy of her private video with rapper PG One, saying that she was blackmailed by somebody prior to the leak.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who was recorded behaving in an intimate way with the rapper in the leaked video, which was released a few days before she and Jia announced their divorce, stated that she had received a mysterious phone call about the existence of some private videos but decided to ignore it.

Soon after that, a video of her kissing PG One was released online, putting her again in the public's eye despite the fact that she had already gone through the scandal two years ago.

Li said that she was extremely stressed out by the leak, especially after netizens pointed fingers towards her and called her names yet again.

"You do not understand the situation. You do not know the truth, because other people's family matters are none of your business. I never harmed any one of you," she wrote.

The actress added that she had even contemplated committing suicide because of the cyberbullying and threats that came her way, and only refrained herself from doing so because of her daughter.

"I am not perfect. I am just a normal woman," she added.

(Photo Source: China Press)