Li Ronghao to release second single on 21 December

20 Dec – After lashing out over the delayed release of his new single, it was reported that Li Ronghao's second new song, "Friends" will be landing on major music platforms on 21 December.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who spoke about the new single, stated that the song expresses the situation of today's society, in which parents and children as well as relatives and friends find themselves drifting away from one another due to differing political opinion and other factors.

Back in early December, the singer-songwriter blasted his record company and manager for delaying the release of his new single, having completed the album back in May and waiting for it to be hitting the music platforms since September.

He even issued an ultimatum, saying that he will post the song online himself if they fail to release the song on 5 December.

In response, the company released the first single, "Sparrow", which describes the lives of ordinary people, on the said date.

(Photo Source: Li Ronghao Instagram)