Li Qinqin takes care of Kathy Chow's dog

20 Feb - Mainland actress Li Qinqin recently confirmed that she is now taking care of one of Kathy Chow's golden retrievers, Dundun.

The actress took to social media to post about her new adoptee on 18 February, after netizens noticed that she previously posted a photo with a dog that looked like one of Kathy's pets.

Sharing that she never had a close relationship with Kathy during her life and only met the late actress several times at events, Li said that she has always been a fan of the Hong Kong star's works.

 Netizens noticed Dundun in one of Li Qinqin's videos
Netizens noticed Dundun in one of Li Qinqin's videos

"In December 2023, I learned the news of Hoi Mei's death in Beijing; I was shocked. After seeing online reports and learning that Hoi Mei's two golden retrievers were unadopted, I immediately contacted her agent and learned that I could adopt them, and Hoi Mei's family also approved of this," she posted.

Li said that it's been two months since Dundun came to her place, and that she decided not to talk about it then so not to occupy the news space that was filled with articles about Kathy at the time.

"Dundun has lost Hoi Mei who loved her, but I believe that Dundun will also feel the warmth of a new home. I also want to thank Hoi Mei's family and manager for their trust in me. I hope Hoi Mei can be rest assured about her furry baby in heaven," she said.

(Photo Source: Li Qinqin Weibo)