Leon Lai makes first appearance since baby's birth

10 Jul – Leon Lai has recently made his first public appearance since the birth of his baby.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who appeared at a HKMC Annuity event as its publicity ambassador, was also featured in the promotional video, where he plays an old man who talks about investment with his elder friends.

Asked if he was okay about playing an old man in the video, Leon said that since the investment plan is only suitable for retirees over the age of 65, he felt that playing an old man would be easier for him to promote it.

In the video, the "old man" Leon is also seen taking a family photo. Asked if he is enjoying his family life, he responded, "You should enjoy it and cherish them."

The emcee then congratulated him for the birth of his baby, to which he smiled and replied, "Thank you."

However, Leon didn't stop for an interview or answer any question about his partner Wing and their baby, and immediately left the premise after the launching ceremony.

The singer and his assistant Wing welcomed their first daughter together back in April.

(Photo Source: Sina Cn)