Larine Tang gains 40 pounds for "The Abortionist"

24 Jan – Hong Kong actress Larine Tang recently revealed that she really risked her health by adding 40 more pounds to her weight for the sake of her performance in the new movie, "The Abortionist".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress who spoke about her weight gain for the Fruit Chan film, stated that she had to eat continuously while in production in order to ensure that she would not lose all the weight she gained due to the humid weather.

"I tried to eat as much as I could all day, which was actually pretty hard. Throughout the process, even my mother couldn't help but feel sorry for me. She even told me not to keep eating anymore since I was really gaining a lot of weight," she said.

Larine revealed that in addition to the many boxes of rice she ate for lunch and supper, she also would snack before bed and eat a hefty breakfast in the morning.

The actress admitted that she didn't think too much about it, until she experienced hormonal imbalance because of her overeating.

"I had to take Chinese medicine to recondition my body," she said.

However, the actress felt that the result was worth all of her effort, and that she was finally able to transform herself as an actress.

(Photo Source: HK01)