Kelly Chen recounts hate received for marrying Jimmy Lin

27 May – Mainland model Kelly Chen recently admitted that she didn't have an easy life the first few years into her marriage with Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin due to public opinion.

As reported on Mingpao, Kelly, who appeared on the reality show, "My Dearest Ladies" with her mother-in-law recently, couldn't help but tear up when mentioned about her status as "Jimmy Lin's wife", saying that she had been attacked numerous times by netizens for the past ten years.

"People said I'm ugly, saying 'why do you think you can marry him?', 'Do you even have any talent?', 'You have buck teeth'. These insults felt like a thousand arrows hitting me," she said.

Kelly said that while the most difficult period of her life had passed, she is still afraid of being attacked again after appearing on the show. She added that Jimmy also encouraged her not to read the comments as to not further hurt herself.

Kelly tied the knot with Jimmy in 2009 and gave birth to their first son Kimi in the same year. The couple welcomed their twin sons Jenson and Kyson in 2015.

(Photo Source: Kelly Chen Instagram)