The Journey of the Contemporary Artist and Painter Chiara Magni, from the Beginning to Success

Chiara began her path when she was relatively young, about 4 to 5 years old, that is when she took a pencil and scribbled the word "blue" on a piece of paper. It was the very first word that she expressed.

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And that gives us the hint of her natural inclination towards the world of colours. It was the first time Chiara gave meaning to symbols on a sheet of paper, and those symbols represented the lovely hue. Something lit in her thoughts from there, a flame that still burns brightly. Chiara is currently a well-known and collectable painter all over the world. Her paintings are vibrant and full of life. She solely utilizes oil paint to give her paintings a lot of texture.

She was born and raised in Lake Garda, Northern Italy, a region of immense inspiration for her. This allowed her to quickly observe extremely stunning and inspirational scenery. Chiara dives headfirst into a demanding and not always easy creative journey. It is well known how demanding this field is and how difficult it may be for an artist to express themselves and stand out. Chiara decided to persevere and do whatever she can to seek a professional career.

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Chiara has become one of the most sought-after Italian painters in the world. Within a few years, her arts had made their way into the hearts and homes of hundreds of collectors, showing that it is possible to live your dream. Chiara is also a huge influence for a lot of new artists; her social media is full of comments from new artists that support her and recognize how inspiring she is to them. She also wants to be an inspiration to other women who have a goal and want to pursue a profession. Her paintings demonstrate her passion for women's emancipation.

Chiara has painted female figures as faces, nudes, and ladies concentrating on aquatic settings over the years. Chiara adds a personal touch to the topics she paints. She based her works on pictures that she takes herself; these images are then infused with her imagination and converted into her one-of-a-kind paintings. Her unique style is extremely powerful and recognizable. Near the end of 2020, she felt the need to give her style a name and describe it, so she came up with the term "Bright Expressionism". This is supposed to represent the meeting place between impressionism and expressionism.

The colours and figures are not realistic in Bright Expressionism, and the drawing is not flawless. Powerful colours are utilized to evoke strong feelings, as in expressionism, but there is also a desire to show something happy and good, as in impressionism. Chiara inspires new collectors every day with her distinct flair. She has earned numerous prizes for her artwork, which she has displayed at various art exhibits and events in London, Zurich, and Lugano. Chiara is unquestionably a visionary artist to watch. She is now working on numerous projects and will no doubt continue to wow us with her inventiveness.