Josie Ho on filmmaker's idea of movie of father: Disrespectful!

3 Jun – Hong Kong singer Josie Ho recently condemned a Chinese-American filmmaker for making plans to make a movie about her recently-deceased father, Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho.

As reported on Mingpao, a filmmaker by the name of Dayyen Eng posted a photo of a younger Stanley Ho next to an image of actor Daniel Wu, and tagged the latter in his Weibo post, writing, "Come on! Let's make a movie about the gambling king one day!"

Netizens who saw the two photos side by side immediately agreed that the actor had some resemblance to the Macau billionaire.

However, when asked about Dayyan's post recently, Josie, who is Stanley's daughter through Lucina Laam, slammed the said filmmaker, saying, "Dad had just left, and this man publicly announced that he would like to make a film about dad. He did not inform or ask the family for consent at all."

Josie added that what Dayyan proposed to do was very disrespectful and unethical.

As for Daniel's involvement, the singer expressed her belief that the actor might be completely unaware of the filmmaker's intention.

"I don't know this person at all. Any filmmaker who wants to shoot a movie about him needs the consent and authorisation from the family," she said, adding that they have no intention to allow such a thing for the time being.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)