Joshua Garcia happy to work with Janella Salvador again

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14 Sep - Joshua Garcia recently admitted that he is happy to be working with Janella Salvador again, three years after they were united in "The Killer Bride".

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who plays young police officer Brian Robles in the TV series "Darna", stated that he enjoyed seeing the actress playing the villainess Valentina in the series.

"I'm happy to be working with her again, it's comfortable. Of course, I'd also be glad to work with someone new, have new learnings. But I'm really happy to work with her again because I was not able to be in touch with her since the pandemic started," said Joshua.

He also added that Janella has been doing great playing the character, and that even he and the other actors would watch her perform on set.

"People should also look forward to what will happen with my character's relationship with Regina, who also happens to be Valentina," he continued.

The two were romantically linked to one another while working on "The Killer Bride", that was before Janella confirmed her romance with Markus Paterson, with whom she has a child with soon after. Janella and Markus have since ended their relationship.

On the other hand, Joshua is also awaiting the release of his new movie, "Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan", which he shot prior to the pandemic.

Janella plays Valentina in 'Darna: The TV Series'
Janella plays Valentina in 'Darna: The TV Series'

(Photo Source: Janella Salvador FB, When In Manila)