Jolin Tsai is first choice to perform "On Happiness Road"

24 Nov – Song Xin-ying, director of the upcoming animated feature, "On Happiness Road" recently admitted that she didn't think of anyone else but Jolin Tsai when it came to performing the movie's theme song.

As reported on Liberty Times, the director, who spoke about the song which was recorded by the pop diva and released recently, shared that she invited Jolin because the singer's own life is reflected through the song.

"I am not just Jolin Tsai's fan, but her own story can be called "On Happiness Road". She strives for perfection and perseveres in the pursuit of happiness," she said.

She added, "Jolin Tsai is like wild roses, beautiful and determined."

On the other hand, the singer herself shared that the song is different from most of her recorded songs, which are mostly dance tracks and love ballads.

"I hope the song is able to convey the touching story of a girl on the road to happiness," she said.

(Photo Source: Jolin Tsai Instagram)