Joey Yung failed to get Aaron Kwok to perform at her concert

27 Aug – Although three of the four Cantopop Heavenly Kings performed as guests at her recent concert, Joey Yung recently revealed that she had tried to get all four of them to appear at her show.

The singer, who invited 19 guest performers at her recently held "Pretty Crazy" tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum, successfully invited Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, and Aaron Kwok to perform as well, albeit not together on the same night. However, she admitted that she failed to get Aaron Kwok to come, according to Mingpao.

"Actually I did invite him as well, but it was not the right time. He was busy shooting ads at the time, so I failed to 'collect all the stamps'," she said.

Nonetheless, Joey said that she is thankful to be able to invite so many stars to perform with her at the concert.

"A lot of superstars that I admire came. I don't know what good things I have done in my previous lives that enabled me to have my wish come true. This is truly an 'achievement unlocked'," she said.

Among other top stars who performed at Joey's concert were Miriam Yeung, Nicholas Tse, Louis Koo, JJ Lin, and Ekin Cheng.

(Photo Source: Joey Yung Instagram)