Jiang Qinqin doesn't want to be known for her looks

8 Dec – She may be one of the most beautiful Chinese actresses around, but according to Jiang Qinqin, being called "beautiful" is one of the worst things an actress could be known for.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who sat down for an interview to promote her new drama, "Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy", shared that she is annoyed when people keep talking about her looks when they bring up the subject of her movies like "One Plum Blossom" or "The Return of Condor Heroes".

"When people talk about other actors, they'll say things like, "So and so gives a very amazing performance". But when they talk about me, they will talk about how pretty I look. I wonder why people can't judge me through my performance?," she said.

Jiang said that that was also the reason why she decided to play the role of the more antagonistic Gu Manlu in the 2003 drama adaptation of Eileen Chang's "Half a Lifelong Romance".

"A lot of people were against my decision," said Jiang, who admitted that she was eager to prove to people that she could do other type of roles.

Jiang continues to make movies that defy people's perception about her, from "Qiao's Grand Courtyard" to her husband's directorial debut, "A Fool".

As for her role in "Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy", Jiang shared that she will play the treacherous Empress of Duan, whose love for her husband was never reciprocated.