Jet Li jokes about multiple death hoaxes

20 Nov - Jet Li couldn't help but joke about his latest death hoax when he appeared in Taiwan to promote his new book, "Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li looking for Jet Li".

As reported on NetEase, the Chinese martial arts star recently appeared at a promotional event for the said book in an excellent condition, and smiled as he took the stage and said, "I'm not dead yet."

Addressing the death hoax, the "Once Upon a Time in China" star stated, "I've been reported dead for ten years now. People say I've died so many times. How come I am not yet dead?"

Speaking about the book, as well as his penchant for studying Buddhism, Jet said, "I have always been honoured and grateful. In the past 25 years, I have studied Buddhism with many masters. Many people know that I make movies and do charity, but they don't know that I spent 25 years trying to understand what life and death are."

When asked why is he so interested in the topic, Jet shared that he had experienced several life and death situations over the years since his debut - from escaping the 2004 tsunami in Maldives, suffering a fall while filming "Fearless", as well as severe altitude sickness in Qinghai.

The actor was injured while filming
The actor was injured while filming "Fearless"

(Photo Source: NetEase, Slash Film)