Jess Sum gets more jobs since leaving TVB

26 May – Jess Sum recently admitted that work has been abundant since she left TVB back in January.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared as a guest at an event in Wan Chai, shared that she recently had the opportunity of filming the new movie "The Fallen" alongside Irene Wan and Kenny Kwan.

"I was even given the opportunity to handle a real gun for the first time. To be able to experience a lot of things is what makes me happy. I am looking forward to more opportunities," she enthused.

Jess, who also surprised many by announcing her marriage in March, stated that she has no plans to reduce her work despite her new status.

As to her newly married life, Jess enthused, "It's been good. I am so happy. Both my husband and I love children. But we'll just go with the flow."

(Photo Source: Jess Sum Instagram)