Jennifer Tse finally returns to HK after birth of daughter

28 Nov– Jennifer Tse has finally returned to Hong Kong, four months after announcing that she has given birth to her first child.

On 26 November, the actress shared a photo of her lounging in a bathrobe, and tagging her location as "Rosewood, Hong Kong" - an accommodation situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, writing, "I've noticed that being a mother, I'm never really alone in my thoughts. When I'm with her I'm trying to be as present as I can be while prioritising everything for her. And when I'm not with her, I'm constantly thinking about her and thinking about what I can do to be better."

"It's slow but I'm learning that in order to give my daughter the best of me, I have to make time for myself. I even feel guilty for wanting to tag this place as my new happy place though it's genuinely how I feel but I think I have to learn to allow myself to have two happy places, one that's with her and one that's without her. Thank you [Rosewood Hong Kong] for giving me my own happy place," she added.

Jennifer's manager had since confirmed reports of her return, adding that the actress also brought her baby Sara home to visit the family.

It was back in June that the actress surprised many when she announced that she has given birth to her first baby. She is still mum about the identity of the father.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Tse Instagram)