Jarrett Preston Is Helping You Trade Your Tangible Assets With IDONEUS

Describe your company in 8 words.

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A value-focused marketplace for luxury asset exchange.

What makes you different from the others in your industry?

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IDONEUS is unique in that we are completely asset-centric, and we maintain a focus on digital integration.

Our customers are excited about digital currency advancement, but confidence is still derived from the tangible asset portfolio we are able to introduce.

How did you get started? Share more about yourself and the environment you grew up in as a child… Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington. After my education at the Marine Military Academy, I served in the United States Marine Corps and attended Virginia Military Institute to pursue undergraduate studies in Business and Economics.

I co-founded my first company in the real estate sector at the age of 21, which was subsequently sold to a global real estate company less than one year after its founding.

For me, it was this early business foundation that would go on to lay the groundwork for the next 25 years of my career in international asset trading.

Did you always want to become an entrepreneur? How did it all begin?

I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I began my entrepreneurial endeavors at a very young age, and have been self-employed by my own ventures or joint partnerships for nearly all of my adult life. My early exposure to the real estate industry, along with the sale of a marketing company led me to opportunities across multiple geographic markets. With these new opportunities came new relationships that allowed me to expand my focus to permanent asset exchange across numerous asset classes. This has become my sole focus throughout the past two decades.

What was your ah-ha moment that set you on the path you are on today?

The ah-ha moment occurred very early on in my life. In fact, it occurred as I completed an asset exchange of my own. After the exchange, I realized that there was a major sector of the market which demands full value for their assets, but does not necessarily require fiat (cash) for such value.

It was then (1999) that I began to build a global network of experts across many classes of assets that soon became the leading facilitator for high-value assets in the world. This company, Obsidian International Asset Trading, provided a strong base for our business today at IDONEUS.

In 2017, blockchain and cryptocurrency were growing, evolving, and becoming more advanced. We realized this was the vehicle to take high-value asset exchange to an entirely new level. The security, speed, and scalability that blockchain technology offers will revolutionize this industry – and IDONEUS will lead the way.

Who is your focus target customer?

Our target customers are high net worth individuals, luxury minded companies, and family offices who seek to move value from one asset class to another, or from one geographic location to another in the shortest amount of time and the most secure manner.

Personally, what is your secret to your successful career?

I believe in ‘leading from the front’ with authenticity, kindness, and a relentless commitment to the goals of our clients, partners, and our team. In my mind, this approach helped to create the greatest achievements of my career

For me, “commitment” was long ago defined as: a fixity of purpose binding oneself intellectually and emotionally to a given task.

Commitment is the secret to a successful career.

Any forecasts you predict over the upcoming 12 months?

Three simple trends I predict in the coming year or so:

  1. Fiat currency will leak more value as inflation continues to rise.

  2. The wealthy will seek safe harbor in tangible assets and new forms of digital representation of physical value.

  3. Digital currency adoption and its regulation will expand rapidly.