Janet Hsieh talks about giving birth for the first time

19 Oct - Nearly a week after welcoming her first son, Janet Hsieh took to social media to share her experience of giving birth.

On 18 October, the TV personality went on Facebook to express her gratitude for all the well-wishes, and confirmed that she has given birth to her and George Young's 3.6kg baby boy on 11 October.

She continued, "Now that I have time to think back, I wanted to share MY labor experience with you."

Giving it a title of "How to deliver a baby 101", Janet shared that one should write a very detailed birth plan, fold it in half, turn it into a paper plane, and throw it out of the window.

"Before delivering our baby boy, and after doing a lot of research and talking to numerous friends and our physician Dr. Jason Lin, George and I had decided that we wanted as "natural" of a birth as possible, meaning: as little medical intervention as possible. Unless there was a medical emergency or absolute necessity, we wanted no induction, no needles, no pain medication, no episiotomy, and definitely, no surgery."

However, Janet shared that her baby has his own plans, which include not coming out after 41 weeks, which the doctor then suggested for them to induce the baby.

"Long story short, 38 hours later, we have our baby boy. I would say our "beautiful baby boy," but have you SEEN a baby when it comes out? (George did at the business end). It is not the prettiest thing... it looks like an alien!" she added with a laugh.

At the end of her post, Janet thanked everybody who helped her with the labour, including Dr. Jason Lin, their doula Wendy, and the nurses and staff at Dianthus MFM Clinic.

"To any moms out there about to deliver a baby, I won't lie. It is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I have never been so nervous or scared about anything before. But hopefully, like me, you have an amazing support group and family by your side, and like me, you will also deliver a healthy, happy and precious baby," she added.

(Photo source: www.facebook.com/janethsiehonline)