Jacqueline Wong is nothing like her character in "Realm"

13 Jun – Although she plays a girl hopelessly in love with Kenneth Ma's character in "Deep in the Realm of Conscience", Jacqueline Wong stated that her relationship with the actor in real life is nothing like the drama.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who attended the promotional event for the said drama recently, shared that both she and Kenneth were still getting to know each other when they were filming the drama.

"I'm not sure whether my character [as palace maid Kam Yeuk Chin] was tailor-made for me," she said.

Jacqueline stated that unlike her character in the drama, she would not consider herself Kenneth Ma's number one fan.

"But our romance plot in the drama is very tragic. His character rejects me. In reality, I am rarely rejected," she said with a laugh.

However, Jacqueline admitted that filming the drama did make them a little closer to each other.

(Photo Source: Jacqueline Wong Instagram)