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I was sick of my sheets tangling up in the dryer — this little $10 gizmo helped

Do you wash your bed sheets every week? Well, according to experts, you should — even more if you sleep with pets or go au naturel at night. With that in mind, I make sure mine go in the washing machine every Sunday, but not without a hint of dread. It takes forever for my sheets and duvet cover to dry, and they're constantly getting tangled up. Then after untangling them, they're extremely wrinkled. I don't have the patience to iron once they're done, so I recently did a little research and came across the nifty Wad-Free Bed Sheet Detangler from Shark Tank. Of course, I had to try it, and I'm happy to report it works wonders!

These handy little doodads come in packs of two — attach one Wad-Free to your top sheet and one to your fitted sheet for a speedier dry time. 

$20 at Amazon
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The nifty doodad comes in a pack of two for just $20 at Amazon. Simply attach the corners of your sheet or duvet cover to the Wad-Free gadget — it has four silicone clips that gently hold fabric in place. (The brand has a how-to video for reference.) Then, toss your linens in the dryer as usual and feel an extra boost of satisfaction when they come out dry and wrinkle-free in less time.

Yes, according to the brand, Wad-Free can dry items up to 75% faster. The bed sheet detangler can also help keep your machines balanced and reduce wet items from getting trapped in your fitted sheet. While my issue was strictly with drying items, you can also use this in your washing machine to prevent tangles and make sure every inch of your sheets gets clean.

I recently put the Wad-Free to the test on my king-sized duvet cover, which usually takes at least two drying cycles — over 3 hours — to dry. I simply attached the gizmo to the ends and to my delight, the duvet cover was dry after one cycle with no wrinkles and absolutely no tangles. Being Type-A, I loved that I could check off a major chore in far less time.

One thing to note, however, is that I did notice the corners that were trapped in the Wad-Free detangler came out the tiniest bit damp. I didn't mind and once I put my duvet insert inside, those dried out in no time.

woman putting sheets in dryer with Wad-Free on the corners
The Wad-Free Bed Sheet Detanglers save time and energy on wash day. Buy them in a pack of two or four, depending on how much washing you do. (Amazon)

You know you're a real adult when you want to shout laundry hacks from the rooftops, but I'm not the only fan of the Wad-Free Bed Sheet Detangler. Amazon shoppers have given it over 4,300 five-star ratings.

"These really work!" said one fan. "My sheets would always burrito up in the dryer so I’d always have to run a second or even third drying session and they still would come out with some wet areas. ... The little extra time these take [to put on] is well worth it. They keep my sheets from bundling up and everything dried with just one run."

"I am truly amazed at how simple yet effective this product is!" said another person. "The thing I hate most about doing laundry is washing sheets and the problem is now solved. I have never been able to wash sheets and a comforter and put them all in the dryer together and get them out completely dry until now ... I will definitely order more soon so that I don't have to wait for one load to complete before washing more sheets."

Some customers mentioned that a few things, like pillowcases and whatnot, still got stuck inside the sheets when using the Wad-Free detangler, but that everything came out dry no matter what.

"The first time I used this product, it worked both in the washer and dryer in keeping the sheets separated. No more balled-up sheets that were wet inside," said one skeptical shopper. "A few items got tucked inside the sheets but they dried at the same rate as the rest of the items. I would buy this product again."

If you're washing multiple sheets, duvets, comforters or even tablecloths, this is a good buy. Just a note: The brand offers a heavier duty gadget for duvets and thick blankets. The original Wad-Free worked just fine for me, and I'm using it every Sunday (at least once a week) from here on out.

Wad-Free is sold in packs of two, but you can save a buck when you purchase two (four of these gizmos in total) to wash more than one set of sheets at a time.

$20 at Amazon
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$19 at Ace Hardware

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